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ORE Lighting is a beacon of innovation in LED lighting. We've reshaped modern illumination standards with a steadfast commitment to quality and design. Our aim has remained constant from the start: to enhance lives through transformative lighting experiences.

Your LED Lighting

As lighting pioneers, we’ve redefined the industry by offering not just products, but holistic solutions. Our design patents underscore our dedication to innovation, while our affordability ensures everyone can access exceptional lighting. We offer thousands of options for businesses to enhance the value of illumination.

The Intersection Of Lighting
And Lifestyle

Beyond illumination, we craft environments that unify aesthetics and efficiency. Our global presence informs our understanding of diverse lighting needs, and our certifications reflect our unwavering commitment to safety. From gas stations and parking garages to commercial and retail applications, ORE Lighting is attractive and convenient.

Enlighten Yourself With Ore

Join us in our journey to empower spaces with light’s transformative power – discover ORE Lighting, where brilliance meets innovation.

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Brighten Your Spaces

Exterior Lighting

Illuminate outdoor spaces with our advanced exterior lighting solutions, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality.

Interior Lighting

Transform interiors into captivating realms with our range of interior lighting, where style meets superior illumination.


Elevate your lighting setup with our durable and versatile lighting poles, designed to enhance safety and visual impact.

Pole Bracket

Secure your lighting infrastructure with our precision-engineered pole brackets, ensuring stability and long-lasting performance.


Enhance the performance and versatility of your lighting systems with our thoughtfully designed range of accessories.

Complete Lighting Solutions For Your Needs

Petroleum Light

Solutions for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores, we offer canopy fixtures that envelop any space to improve safety and visibility.

Area Light

Solutions for Auto Dealership, Area Light fixtures offer superior parking lot illumination and exterior building illumination for larger businesses.

Garage Light

Designed for Parking Garages, our IPL slim canopy lights provide illumination that improves visibility and with unparalleled lumens for superior coverage.

Retail LED Light

Attractive Options for Retail and Restaurants spaces, from full lighting options for kitchens to soft and customizable lighting for dining. Improve any shopping experience with our suite of retail LEDs that make your customers feel comfortable and welcomed.


Hundreds of Lighting options for Commercial, Retail, and Personal home applications. ORE Lighting LEDs offer superior illumination that provides comfort, security, and safety, with plenty of aesthetic choices to fully customize any space. We are dedicated to improving and enhancing the value of light—reach out to us today to learn about our many upcoming projects.

Where to Buy

Serving The United States and Canada with a robust marketing presence encompassing Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.

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