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20 FT Steel Round Light Pole 4 Inch Galvanized




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The Round Steel Poles are built from high strength Steel Round tube and are available side drilled for arm mounted area lighting luminaires or with tenon mounts for flood and post top luminaires. Typical area lighting applications include retail centers,
industrial parks, schools and universities, public transit and airports, office buildings, and medical facilities. Mounting heights of 10 to 30 feet can be used based on selected luminaire applications.

Category: Pole

Type: Pole

Vendor: ORE Lighting

Part   NumberMount HeightWall ThicknessShaft SizeBolt ProjectionPole WeightEPA 70EPA 80EPA 90EPA 100EPA 110EPA 120
R10FT3-11G-D10 ft11 gauge3 inch2.75 in46 lbs28.223.520.114.413.311.6
R15FT4-11G-D15 ft11 gauge4 inch2.75 in90 lbs18.215.513.
R20FT4-11G-D20 ft11 gauge4 inch2.75 in117 lbs12.210.397.264.6
R25FT4-11G-D25 ft11 gauge4 inch2.75 in139 lbs11.
R30FT5-11G-D30 ft11 gauge5 inch3.375 in180 lbs9.